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Building Information Modelling, also known as BIM, is an intellectual model-based method that delivers insight for producing and handling building developments quicker, more economically and with less environmental impact. I’d like to take you through some of the most powerful advantages of using BIM.


Utilizing a sole mutual 3D model, all parties involved in the project – the client, various design professionals, suppliers and the building contractor – can collaborate much more effectively. This guarantees that all parties are engaged to try to attain the best value possible from the projects commencement to its retirement.


Projects utilising the 3D model give the client a clear and concise visualisation of the design. Following review of the 3D model, and prior to construction, the client can request aspects to be modified to their expectations and goals. BIM allows those involved in the construction process to plan ahead in the more complicated areas.


A major advantage of using BIM is the reduction in project waste. This is due to the program calculating exact quantity take-offs. This practice does not allow for excessive material orders thus allowing savings to be made on the project’s budget.

Reduced Errors

The integration of multiple building components and assets can sometimes throw up errors due to potential interferences and sizing discrepancies. If all design professionals and component suppliers are using the BIM model, identification of potential errors prior to product manufacture and project construction can take place.

Rapid Project Delivery

Large time savings can be gained from utilising BIM. Late stage design changes can be eliminated by all parties agreeing on the concept early in the development process. Project planning and scheduling can begin at an earlier stage, allowing for exact material take-offs which can be lifted straight from the model. Complex construction methods can also be planned virtually which reduces site delays.

Entire Life Management

BIM allows for the entire life management of a project from construction to ongoing maintenance and operations. It is possible to include within the 3D model, construction diagrams and product parts lists, therefore if there’s any replacement parts required, the BIM model can produce the part number and show how it is to be fitted.



We collaborate and we assist Architects in technical decisions, to help them to define the architecture and the technical specifications.

Architect teams are welcome and can work in our offices from the beginning of the project.



Our structural engineering team specializes in creating design solutions that are as practical and constructible as they are attractive and economical. For each project, we assemble the appropriate team of specialists to address specific requirements, and we encourage the collaboration and cooperation of the design team necessary to produce the superior results our customers have come to expect.



Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing/Fire Protection (MEP/FP) engineering group specializes in performing design engineering services for new and existing buildings.

As part of our Design & Delivery approach, our MEP/FP engineering group is adept at providing integrated solutions, working closely with architecture and construction teams, throughout all phases of a project.


We have expertise in sustainable design, energy-efficient strategies and assessments, renewable energy design solutions and water treatment. Our capabilities include carbon foot-printing.

Green building design concerns itself with better ways to utilize insulation, glass, solar heat, recycled water, and recycled building materials. However, the sustainability design engineer is not only concerned with large building projects, such as building green buildings, but is also interested in how engineering design can help people reduce their personal use of materials and recycle those they do use.


From an early phase conceptual estimate to a definitive detail estimate, Cost Engineering ensures the best possible quality and accuracy.

Selecting the right contractor for the job is the basis for a successful turnaround or maintenance project. We help in the tendering, bidding and evaluation process, resulting in the selection of the best contractors.

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