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The hotel industry is seeing a record growth of development due to a strong increase in international arrivals and an influx of overseas investors which will ultimately transform the hotel and accommodation economy.

The cookie-cutter hotels are no longer dominating the industry; travelers are now looking for varies styles of accommodation and are becoming more price-savvy with their choices. It is now crucial to strategically re-think design and development strategies in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Daquae is working on the following themes:

  • Integrating the latest technology to improve operations and to cater to the “new traveler”

  • Driving a better guest experience through renovation and unique design strategies

  • Maximising return on investment through operation management and revenue gain

  • Designing and development a unique hotel to stay ahead of the competition

Hotel Design & Construction

As an industry leader in hotel and real estate development, Daquae is dedicated to the design and construction of business hotels, resorts and residential properties. Daquae provides a comprehensive range of programs and services for both existing property refurbishments and new hotel projects:

  • Project Inception & Vendor Selection

  • Financing

  • Architectural & Interior Design

  • Engineering Consulting

  • Development Management

  • FFE Solutions

  • Project Close-Out & Transfer to Operations

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