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We are recognized as innovative and prolific developer. Daquae is dedicated to the highest standards of art, architecture, interior and landscape design. We offer in-house expertise that spans every aspect of the real estate equation from identifying and assembling sites to zoning and financing/capital fund raising, master planning, architecture and design, construction management, marketing, leasing and sales.

Daquae can provide technical assistance to supplement Developers resources in the following areas:

  • Market feasibility analysis

  • Site planning

  • Consulting services, including construction oversight, infrastructure design, and brownfields oversight

  • Strategic analysis and consensus building

  • Permitting/approvals process management

  • Project management

  • Financial analysis

Daquae’s capabilities include: residential development ranging from affordable/workforce housing to luxury rental and for-sale residences; large format retail development; hotel and hospitality opportunities; and unparalleled expertise developing successful, dynamic mixed-use projects.


Real estate development is a multi-aspect business covering activities starting from the reconstruction and release of existing buildings and ending up with the acquisition of undeveloped land and the sale of the built-up land. Buildings have an ever-increasing impact on the environment. The attitude towards designing, construction and building management has been changing. Building classification and norms defining their planning, design, construction and management contribute to the regulation of the impact on the environmental. One of the reasons of sustainable real estate development is urban sprawl that has become a major policy issue in recent years. It is often driven by uncontrolled development of suburbs at the edge of the city. Usually it leads to low density and loss of natural landscapes, and enhanced energy consumption. That is why in global terms sustainable real estate development is increasingly becoming a major challenge.

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