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Daquae brings expertise in construction management to your building project by supervising and organizing the entire construction process. Our construction management method of delivery uses a complete team approach that includes the owner, architect, and contractor from inception to completion. As the construction manager, we hire individuals or companies with specialized expertise to carry out each part of the construction process. Daquae will actively work in the owners’ best interests throughout the project and provide the highest quality product possible while mitigating costs and project delays.


Daquae use cloud-based software to Improve collaboration and gain real-time visibility into your capital project risks and costs.

Keep the entire team on track with up-to-date project data and a detailed electronic construction record, accessible 24/7. Daquae eliminate paper-based documentation, so team members can do actual work instead of shuffling paperwork.


Some investors wish to delegate all responsibilities of design and construction to outside company in a turnkey project arrangement.  Daquae agrees to provide the completed facility on the basis of performance specifications set forth by the owner.

As experienced and leading building management in Europe, Africa and Middle-East, we provide the following services:

  • Advice and support for property development.

  • Planning, scope development and project definition.

  • Brief development and design management.

  • Sustainability advice.

  • Due diligence, project verification and validation.

  • Distressed project recovery.

  • Cost management and reporting.

  • Development and management of building schedules.

  • Risk management and on site health and safety.

  • Procurement management.

  • Quality management.

  • Contract administration.

  • Construction management and monitoring.

  • Commissioning and handover.

  • Project close-out and asset aftercare.

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