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For 10 years, Daquae Engineering has focused on environmental issues to design, develop, consolidate, preserve and build a “sustainable city”.
Our challenges: energy, waste treatment, management and preservation of natural resources.
At the heart of its business, Daquae Engineering develops and strengthens its requirements in energy efficiency, renewable energy, water treatment, recycling and reuse of materials.

Daquae Engineering strives to anticipate and integrate the short and medium term issues on the reuse of treated water, micro-pollutants treatment, hydrocarbons storage, all in an innovative way in connection with our Fablab. 
Daquae Engeneering extends its juridiction in environmental engineering to the fields of hydraulic, water treatment, hydrocarbons storage, and also energy (optimization and recovery), waste treatment and recycling in France and abroad.


Activity sector:

  • Collection, transport, storage and treatment of waste water

  • Collection, management and treatment of rainwater

  • Production, storage, treatment by ultrafiltration and distribution of drinking water

  • Treatment of hazardous substances and micro-pollutants

  • Collection, management and treatment of water for industry

  • Collection, management and treatment of water for agriculture

  • Desalination of sea water by reverse osmosis

  • Solar thermal and photovoltaic

Our area of expertise:

  •     Consulting and decision support

  • Feasibility studies

  • Turnkey projects

  • Support, audit, training

  • Project management 

  • Operations management

  • Distribution

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