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Today’s corporations are faced with many challenges when it comes to designing, manufacturing, and distributing their products around the world.

With over 10,000 environmental regulations globally, limited budget and resources, companies need to focus on the regulations that cover the broadest territory and encompass the strictest standards. The Daquae Engineering Team provides Process Engineering reviews and adaption expertise to clients that enable them to improve the safety, quality, environmental performance, reliability, operability, efficiency and economy of their plants.

Clients trust the Daquae team for their strengths in cost efficiency, design engineering and procurement management services skills and process innovation.

The Process Engineering, design and graphics team delivers support to clients needing assistance during conceptual studies, front end engineering and detailed engineering.


Food Engineering is a specialized sub field within Agricultural Engineering and is focused on the application of Engineering to the production and distribution of food.

Food that is grown or processed must follow strict safety health and standards to ensure they are safe and that people do not get sick (or worse) from consuming produced food. Food Engineers control the health and safety of food production by designing and operating food processing plants.

They also involve themselves in waste management and the genetic modification of foods. Food Engineers generally work for food manufacturing companies, but they can also work in the pharmaceutical and health care industries.



From the design and specification stages to the engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of a concrete batch plant, Daquae directly controls each and every step of the project through a modular, integrated approach. By staying in close contact with our clients, from the very first meeting through each service call, Daquae makes sure that the outcome will be totally personalized and satisfactory.

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